1 Nice Try, Tooth Fairy

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Nice Try, Tooth Fairy

Written by Mary W. Olsen

Illustrated by Katherine Tillotson

Reviewed by Lindsay I. (age 8), Ayushi S. (age 8) & Amir S. (age 8)

Nice Try, Tooth Fairy

Did you ever lose a tooth? Well, this story is about a girl named Emma who lost her tooth and wants it back from the tooth fairy. Emma's grandpa wanted to see Emma's tooth. Emma wrote to the tooth fairy asking, "I want my tooth back just for one day." The tooth fairy went crazy looking for Emma's tooth. She sent teeth to Emma in hopes that the tooth she sent was hers but it wasn't. For example, she sends her a skunk's tooth. Emma writes, "Nice try, but this isn't mine, either. The animal that came for it was cute, but oh so smelly!" Emma gets really frustrated about not getting her tooth back. You have to read the book to find out if she gets her tooth.

We like this book because it reminds us of when we lost our first tooth. Our favorite part is when the tooth fairy is in the fairy world looking for Emma's tooth. We think the illustrations are good because they really match nicely with the words. This book is unique because you're thinking of when you lost your first tooth and you're comparing what happened to you to what happened in the story.

We recommend this book to people who remember what it was like to loose their first tooth and who think tooth fairies are cool. We think you will really like the main characters of Emma and the Tooth Fairy as well as the animals in the story. We think you will like this book because it is very, very exciting when Emma lost her first tooth. We know you will enjoy the story very much.

Lindsay I., Ayushi S. and Amir S.
are students in
Class C103