1 When Mom's Attack!

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When Mom's Attack!

Written by Terry Minsky

Reviewed by Lauren E. (age 8)

When Mom's Attack!

There are two parts in this book but I'll tell both of them. The first part is about when Lizzie's science class goes on a field trip and the lady that was leading the troop is sick so Lizzie realizes that the new leader is her Mom! At home Lizzie's little brother, Matt, and his dad, Sam, were cooking; well at least they were trying to. Then they decide to order pizza because they almost burned down the house and they put all the burning pots and pans in a tub.

The second part is about when Lizzie's mom goes shopping with Lizzie and Miranda for underwear and they get embarrassed. Then they see one of their teachers there and Lizzie's mom says hi and she tells Lizzie's teacher they're going shopping for underwear. Matt, Gordo, and Sam help Matt try to learn how to do karate and Gordo films it.

I liked this book because I think it teaches kids and teens about how to get through and how to deal with life. For example, if you want to go to a party and your parents say you can't go should you go and just not tell them? No! Never! That would be a big mistake! But if you go to the party, and there?' a problem, don't be afraid to call your mom. She'll help you. I learned a lot from this book.

I would recommend this book to kids and teenagers.