1 Shoes From Grandpa

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Shoes From Grandpa

Written by Mem Fox

Reviewed by Maddie M. (age 8)

Shoes From Grandpa

The book was about a little girl named Jessie and her Grandpa who wanted to buy her a new pair of shoes for winter time. Her family decides to buy her many different things to go with her new shoes.

I thought the book was enjoyable because their were many different characters and the illustrations were great! The story also has a lot of rhyming words. It was fun to read. Each time you turn the page, you find a new surprise of what her family gives her to go with her new shoes from Grandpa. The story reminded me of my Grandpa, and my family. They buy me very special things just like Jessie in the story.

I know my friends would like this book and I would tell children in kindergarten, first, second and third grade about it. They would like the pictures, and the words, too. It is a happy book, because it makes you smile when you read it.The author, Mem Fox writes wonderful books, too!