1 Tiger Is A Scaredy Cat

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Tiger Is A Scaredy Cat

Written by Joan Phillips

Illustrated by Norman Gorbaty

Reviewed by Esperanza (age 8)

Tiger Is A Scaredy Cat

This book is about a cat named Tiger who is a scaredy cat. Tiger is scared of dogs, trucks, vacuum cleaners, the dark, and of mice. In the end, Tiger is not afraid of the mice.

This story reminds me of when my mom takes me to my bed and turns off the light. When she goes to her bed I get up and turn on the light because I am a scaredy girl.

The pictures are terrific and I think other people will like them. It is a funny story because she's a scaredy cat and then she's not.

I recommend this book because the book is fantastic. I think that people who have pets should read Tiger is a Scaredy Cat.