1 The Three Little Pigs

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The Three Little Pigs

Written by Jean Claverie

Illustrated by Jean Claverie

Reviewed by Alyssa H. (age 7) & Courtney R. (age 8)

The Three Little Pigs

There once was a couple of pigs. They lived with their mother. She sent them out to live on their own. The first little pig met a man with a lot of straw, so the little pig built his house out of straw. A wolf came by, blew the house down and ate the pig for lunch.

The second little pig met a man with a lot of sticks. He asked the man for the sticks. The man said yes, and the pig built his house out of sticks. The wolf came by, blew his house down and ate the little pig for dinner.

The third little pig met a man with a lot of bricks, so he built his house out of bricks. It took him a long time, but the house was very strong. The wolf tried to blow the pig's house down, but he could not do it, so he tried to trick the pig into coming out of the house. First, he tells the pig that there are some turnips in a farmer's field. He tells him to be ready at six a.m., but the pig goes at 5 a.m.

Next, the wolf tells the pig to be ready at 5 a.m. to go and get some apples, but the pig goes at 4 a.m. Finally, the wolf tells the pig to go to the fair with him at 3 p.m. The pig goes to the fair earlier than the wolf. He gets a butter churn and jumps in it when he sees the wolf coming. The wolf is really frightened and the pig gets away. The wolf gets very, very angry at the pig and gets a ladder to climb up and go down the pig's chimney.

Alyssa thought the book was funny because the wolf can not get the third little pig out of the house because the pig is very tricky. Courtney thought the book was sad because the wolf ate the first and second little pig for dinner. We really loved this book because we like to read all kinds of fairy tales and the different versions of them.

Read the story and find out what happens to the pig and the wolf in the end!

We recommend this book to people who like fairy tales. People who like nature would love this book because there is a lot of nature in the pictures. Children who are in kindergarten through second grade would enjoy this book because the illustrations are beautiful and colorful.

Alyssa H. and Courtney R.
are students in
Class C104