1 Poppleton in Winter

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Poppleton in Winter

Written by Cynthia Rylant

Illustrated by Mark Teague

Reviewed by Sloan F. (age 7) & Eric C. (age 7)

Poppleton in Winter

This book is part of a series. There is Poppleton, Poppleton Forever, Poppleton in Fall, Poppleton Has Fun, and Poppleton and Friends. They all have three chapters each. Poppleton is in all the books and so is his friend Cherry Sue. Some of the other characters are different. They are all animals. Most of them wear clothes. The illustrator is the same for each book. They are all funny.

In the first chapter called Icicles it was winter. Poppleton's house had long icicles. Poppleton's friend Hudson, the mail carrier Gus, and his mother told him that he should do something about those icicles. One day a finch named Patrick crashed into the icicles. They all fell down. Poppleton felt sad. Patrick said that they could build something with the icicles. What happened to Poppleton and Patrick? Read the rest of this story and find out!

Sloan's favorite part of the Icicles chapter was when Gus the mailman said, "These icicles are going to knock into your head!" Eric's favorite part was when the bird flew into the icicle, which crashed into the next one, which crashed into the next one. We like this book because we like Poppleton books. The characters are a little funny and the books are easy to read.

Eric and Sloan would recommend this book to preschool children to second graders because it is easy to read and it has nice pictures. People who like snow would also like this book.

Sloan F. and Eric C.
are students in
Class C104