1 One Hundred Hungry Ants

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One Hundred Hungry Ants

Written by Elinor Pinczes

Illustrated by Bonnie Mackain

Reviewed by Exequiel L. (age 9)

One Hundred Hungry Ants

"One Hundred Hungry Ants" is very funny because they were so hungry. They were walking through the forest. The ants were walking with the littlest ant. They were moving too slow so the littlest ant said "We need to turn into two rows of 50". This way they would get to the picnic faster. So the littlest ant yelled "We need to hurry up!, We will now make four lines of 25." So the ants raced and danced to make four lines. They were almost at the picnic. They were too late, all the food was gone. Read the story to find out what happened to the littlest ant.

I think that this story is funny because the ants can talk. I liked the character the littlest ant, because he caused all the trouble. I thought it was interesting because they were walking in a long line of a hundred. I liked the illustrations because they were funny. When i read the book I felt funny, like laughing, and I wondered if ants could really do this or not.

I recommend this book because it was funny when the ants walked in a long line and then the ants lined up in different rows. People who like funny stories, ants and picnics, should read this book.