1 Ira Sleeps Over

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Ira Sleeps Over

Written by Bernard Waber

Illustrated by Bernard Waber

Reviewed by Gabriela P. (age 9)

This story is about a boy named Ira, who gets invited to a sleep over. The problem is Ira can't sleep without his teddy bear. He does not know if he should bring it to the sleep over or leave it home.

I liked this book because Ira was trying to get his teddy bear but his sister kept laughting at him. My favorite part was when Ira's friend was telling him all the things the kids at the sleepover were going to do. While I was reading this story I felt scared because they were telling ghosts stories.

I recommend this book to people who like sleepovers and who sleep with teddybears at night. If you want to find out if Ira took his teddy bear to the sleepover just read this book.