1 Clockwork : or, All Wound Up

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Clockwork : or, All Wound Up

Written by Philip Pullman

Illustrated by Leonid

Reviewed by Aimee D. (age 11)

Clockwork is a book about how people deal with time. Everyone knows about clocks but do you really know how people began using clock machines. In this book it explains that you know that if you make a wrong clock that not only you but the whole world would change. It is about a boy named Karl who has people coming from all around to his clock masterpiece. The problem is he has been MURDERED!! No one knows who did it on Karl?s day of fame and fortune.

My opinion on this book is that it can really confuse you a little but you will still love this book! The book not really that funny but it was very clear reading. My favorite part is when the doctor walks in and everyone goes silent. My character that I found interesting was the doctor everyone thought he was the devil himself. I would say that my brother Zachariah would remind me of Karl always waiting to do something at the last second. They?re really no characters that I seemed to think changed. There were illustrations in the book that looked like black and white sketching of the real parts were not that clear in the sketchings of the book. Their is something unique about this book because this book explains how people started using clocks. This book is not like any other books that I?ve read. I have never heard of books by the same author. This book is not part of a series. This book makes me imaginative of people making clocks. I felt as I read this book that everyone feared for his/her life. This story reminds me of when everyone got scared when my diseased grandfather was diagnosed with Lung Cancer a very threatening disease.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes clocks or unsolved mysteries. The book tells you how unsafe and careless people were and how to use their time on Earth. People that wish they spent more times doing things they really loved would really enjoy this book. This book probably refers to their life a lot.