1 The Hungry Kitten

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The Hungry Kitten

Written by Beverly Randell

Illustrated by Leanne Fleming

Reviewed by Carson C. (age 6)

The Hungry Kitten

A hungry little kitten was so hungry that she went in a cat's bowl and a dog's bowl. She was looking for food. She was looking at the bowl and wondering if she could eat it. The cat came and said, "Go away little kitten." When she was looking at the dog's bowl, the dog came and said, "Go away little kitten." There is a happy ending. The hungry little kitten is not hungry anymore. Who do you think helped her?

I love this book because the kitten found someone to help her. This is a good book for kids who are learning to read. I like the kitten's character. She meows a lot because her tummy wants to eat. My favorite part is the happy ending. It makes me want to read this book all the time. Kids that need to read will really enjoy this book. Kindergartners and first graders will just love it. You can read it to your younger brother or sister.

Carson C.
is a student in
Pam's K-1 Class