1 Junie B. Jones Loves Handsome Warren

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Junie B. Jones Loves Handsome Warren

Written by Barbara Park

Illustrated by Denise Brunkus

Reviewed by Sydney F. (age 7)

Junie B. Jones Loves Handsome Warren

Junie B. Jones was playing with her friend Grace. They were playing horse when they found Lucille. Lucille was being chased by a stranger. Then Junie ran up and started chasing the stranger. Lucille yelled out to leave him alone. The next day Junie wore a skirt, gloves, and socks to impress Handsome Warren who was really the stranger.

My favorite part of the story was when Junie B. Jones showed her hairy feet because it was funny. This story reminds me to laugh.

I think everyone should read it because it is a very nice and well written book.