1 To Market, To Market

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To Market, To Market

Written by Anne Miranda

Illustrated by Janet Stevens

Reviewed by Marcelino R. (age 7) & Ethan K. (age 6)

To Market, To Market

This book has a beat. It is funny and it is a rhyming book. For example, "To market, to market, to buy a fat pig. Home again, home again, jiggity jig!"

This book has a pattern. This is a story about animals who run away. The woman went to market to buy different animals. Each time she came home with a new animal, the animal before ran away. The animals run all over the place so the woman does not get anymore animals. She says, "This place is a zoo! I'm hungry, I'm cranky, now what will I do?" She solves the problem by going to the market and buying vegetables. She makes hot soup for lunch. Who do you think eats the soup? Read this book to find out the answer.

To Market, To Market has illustrations that are funny. The animals make a mess all over the place. They dig into the food. The pig has a bowl on his head! He eats potato chips. Pigs don't eat potato chips. The cow is eating the oatmeal. Cows don't eat oatmeal. It is a funny book for kids.

We recommend this book to everyone. It is a very good book for everyone to know because the pictures are very funny. It is all about funny animals and a funny woman. One animal runs away after the other. That's why we want people to read this book.