1 Amos & Boris

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Amos & Boris

Written by William Steig

Illustrated by William Steig

Reviewed by Shaniqua D. (age 8), Mashiya C. (age 8), Michelle R. (age 7) & James H. (age 8)

Amos & Boris

Amos and Boris is a story about friends. Amos was a tiny mouse. One day Amos wanted to go sailing on the ocean so he decided to build himself a boat. Out on the ocean he was very happy but one day he fell off the boat and started to drown. A whale happened to come along and rescue him by putting him on his back. This was Boris.

Boris had never seen a mouse before but that didn't matter; he wanted to help anyway. He promised to take Amos safely to shore. Sometimes whales dive for food and this is called '"sounding". Once, when Boris sounded, he forgot that Amos was on his back and he almost drowned again. Mice cannot swim very well and, so again, Boris put him on his back. By the time they reached shore they had become very good friends.

When it was time to part Amos thanked Boris for saving his life. He said, "I want you to remember that if you ever need my help I'd be more than glad to give it!" He wanted to return the favor even though he wondered how a small mouse could help such a big whale. But one day there was a huge storm that washed Boris onto dry land; he was going to die because whales cannot live without water. Amos came to his rescue but you will have to read the story to find out how!

There is a lesson in this story about friendship: you can always help someone else and be a friend anywhere! It doesn't matter how small you are because help is found in all sizes. Little people can help big people and big people can help little people. We can help each other even if we don't know each other.

We liked this story because it is about friends and friendship and helping one another. When someone is in trouble, sometimes we can help. You never know when you will need help, too, or where you will find it! Our favorite part of the story is when Amos and Boris save each other. This is a great book for everyone to read because it teaches kindness.