1 Miss Nelson is Back

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Miss Nelson is Back

Written by James Marshall

Illustrated by Harry Allard

Reviewed by Ashley B. (age 8) & Zac R. (age 8)

Miss Nelson is Back

If you want to experience a mean teacher this book is for you. The kids in room 207 are worried that they'll get Miss Viola Swamp as their substitute. On Monday morning they figure out who they get as a substitute, but it's not Miss Viola Swamp! The next day Miss Nelson is back, but is it the real Miss Nelson? Later in the story they meet Miss Viola Swamp, but why is she there? The moral of this story is to always expect the unexpected and except what you have.

We think this book has good illustrations and writing. The illustrations are good because they aren't realistic but they're funny. Also the illustrations go along with the story. The writing is good because James Marshall used creative adjectives like nervous. Also because it has the right size font to read. Our favorite part is that they don't get Miss Viola Swamp as a substitute at first. We thought the book was good because it had a lot of detail.

This book is part of a series. It's similar to the first one because Miss Nelson turns into Miss Viola Swamp again. The characters remind us of cartoons. The pictures are in boxes and look like a comic strip. We like how they describe how the students felt when they thought that they were going to get Miss Viola Swamp as a substitute. The story reminds us of when we get a substitute and we're surprised to see who it is .

We recommend this book to any kid who has a substitute teacher because the kids in room 207 had a substitute . We liked this book so you probably will too! If you like phony things this book is good for you because the principal was acting really phony. We also recommend this book to kids who like to be surprised because this book has a lot of surprises. Read the book to learn more about the surprises.

Ashley B. and Zac R.
are students in
Class C121