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Something Beautiful

Written by Sharon Dennis Wyeth

Reviewed by Arihant M. (age 8)

Something Beautiful

Do you have something beautiful? In this book there is a girl who is looking for something beautiful. When she looks out her window and walks around her neighborhood, she saw unhappy and bad things. For example, she saw broken glass that looked like starts fallen from the sky. She saw homeless people on the sidewalk nd she saw the word "DIE" on her door. She meets a lot of people and asks them if they have something beautiful. Aunt Carolyn said that her baby's laugh as beautiful. Mr. Sims had a smooth stone that he had for a long time. He thought it was beautiful. Miss Delphine says "There's nothing more beautiful tasting then my fried fish sandwiches." This is a good book if you're looking for something beautiful about yourself. You may not think you have something beautiful, but you actually do. You just may not have noticed it yet, but it's there.

Some of us liked the book because the author used a lot of description and told enough about the characters so that you would have an idea of who they are and what they do.

We think that one lesson in the book is that everybody has something beautiful about themselves, but they might no know it. A few of us think another lesson is that you should help your community stay clean so it's nice to live in.

We also think that there are some sad parts to this story like the broken glass that sits in the courtyard of the little girl's apartment complex, the word "Die" on the front door, and all the homeless people. We believe that whoever wrote the word "Die" on the front door are prejudice and disrespectful.

Are you in search of something beautiful or own something that you think is beautiful? Do you like stories that warm your heart? If so, you should definitely read this book!

Arihant M.
is a student in
Class C122