1 Doctor De Soto

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Doctor De Soto

Written by William Steig

Illustrated by William Steig

Reviewed by Lilia C. (age 7) & Sienna T. (age 7)

Doctor De Soto

Have you ever read the book Dr. DeSoto? The book is about a very nice and unusual dentist. He never ran out of patients. The small patients sat in a regular chair and the big patients sat on the floor with a cushion underneath them. Dr. DeSoto is smaller than you would expect and he is not the size of his patients because he is a mouse! He wore rubber shoes when he went in the big animals' mouths to keep his feet dry. One day all of a sudden a fox came because he had a tooth ache. Mrs. DeSoto made a gold tooth for the fox. They thought that the fox might want to eat them. They came up with a plan (that was really a trick) the night before the fox came back. They said they had a special treatment to get rid of tooth aches. How foolish to trust both foxes and mice!

We liked the book because the illustrations were very colorful. Our favorite part was when Dr. DeSoto gave the fox the treatment so he wouldn't have tooth aches anymore. We liked the part when Dr. DeSoto gave the fox treatment because it was really funny. Our favorite character is Dr. DeSoto because he helps animals and he treats them nicely. As I (Sienna) read the book I got curious to read the ending because I wanted to see what happened when Dr. DeSoto gave the treatment. As I (Lilia) read the book I got curious and excited about the ending because I wanted to find out the ending real badly.

We recommend this book to people who like funny books. We recommend this book to kids and teachers because it is a really great book for early readers. We hope you like this book if you read it.

Lilia C. and Sienna T.
are students in
Class C101