1 Laura's Star

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Laura's Star

Written by Klaus Baumgart

Illustrated by Klaus Baumgart

Reviewed by Lauren S. (age 8) & Liza K. (age 7)

Laura's Star

"I wish I had a friend", sighed Laura. "To share all my secrets with." One night she saw a star shooting down from the sky. She went outside and saw the star on the pavement . And brought the star back inside because she thought it could be her friend forever. She put the star on her pillow and fell fast asleep. Then she woke up and was sad because she couldn't find the star. Her mom and dad tried to cheer her up for an example, "Don't you like my funny hat?", asked her mom. She really wanted the star back. That night Laura went to her room again and saw something sparkling. It was the star! She was happy again because it was back where she had left it! If you want to find out what happens to Laura and the star read this book!

We think the book was fabulous! We loved the illustrations because they looked realistic. We also think the illustration of the star is cool because it looks like a real star. It looks like it is made of tin foil. We thought the illustrations were very colorful. In the middle of the book we felt bad for Laura because she could not find a friend, but then we also felt good for Laura because after awhile she found a friend!

We recommend this book to boys and girls who are sometimes lonely and who need a friend. This book might interest you because the illustrations are interesting. We think that people who look at stars at night might want to see the illustrations of the star in this book.

Lauren S. and Liza K.
are students in
Class C100