1 Miss Nelson is Missing

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Miss Nelson is Missing

Written by James Marshall

Illustrated by James Marshall

Reviewed by Brandon C. (age 8) & Kevin D. (age 8)

Miss Nelson is Missing

The children were dumping garbage on their heads in Miss Nelson's class. Miss Nelson was so disappointed that the next day she didn't go to school. So a new teacher came in who looked like a mean witch. The new teacher's name is Mrs. Swamp. She made them do a lot of work. The students missed Miss Nelson. Some students went to the police and went right to Detective McSmagg. Then they went to Miss Nelson's house and saw Mrs. Swamp. Then the students went to the park to look for Miss Nelson. They wondered if she went to Mars and they wondered if butterflies came, picked up her car, and flew her out of town. Did Miss Nelson ever come back? Read the book to find out.

We liked the book because it taught us a lesson- do not fool around in class. Our favorite part was when the kids thought that their teacher went in her car and butterflies picked it up and flew her out of town because it was funny. Miss Swamp reminds us both of our sisters.

We recommend this book to people who like mysteries and like to laugh. This book is also good for people who like funny endings. This book is also good for teachers. We recommend this book to students who fool around in class.

Brandon C. and Kevin D.
are students in
Class C100