1 Mrs. Katz and Tush

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Mrs. Katz and Tush

Written by Patricia Polacco

Illustrated by Patricia Polacco

Reviewed by Jessica L. (age 8), Alexander C. (age 7) & Mark R. (age 7)

Mrs. Katz and Tush

Did you ever have a wonderful friendship? This great book is about friendship. Mrs. Katz is an old lady whose husband died and she is very lonely. One day Mrs. Katz's neighbor, Larnel, finds a cat and Mrs. Katz takes it and names it Tush. Mrs. Katz named the cat Tush because he has no tail and shows the tush. Mrs. Katz makes very good friends with Tush and Larnel. They are like family.

Mrs. Katz, Tush and Larnel had a wonderful friendship together. They all celebrated Passover together and Hanukkah. They visit each other about every day. One day Tush got lost. Mrs. Katz worried and worried. After awhile, a boy found Tush and returned him. Years past and Tush had babies! Also, Larnel got married but the sad thing is, Mrs. Katz died. Larnel was happy Mrs. Katz was his friend but he was very sad when she died.

We liked this book because it has very colorful illustrations. It reminds Jessica of her friendship with one of her best friends she knew since preschool. The book is kind of sad when Mrs. Katz dies. Another sad part is when Tush runs away. Alexander's favorite part is when Mrs. Katz got Tush. Mark likes Larnel because he saved Tush and because he is a nice person. Mrs. Katz reminds Jessica of her great grandma because Mrs. Katz is very nice and so is her great grandma.

We recommend this book to people who had a good friendship with someone for a long time. Also, we recommend this book to people who have a cat. The characters are very helpful. They help each other with important stuff. The book has friendship, love, happiness and trust. If you like books with this kind of stuff, you might like this one.