1 Color Me Dark

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Color Me Dark

Written by Patricia McKissack

Reviewed by Brandi C. (age 11)

Color Me Dark

This book is about the girl named Nellie Lee who lived in a cemetery home where her mom and dad worked. Nellie wrote this dairy about her life. Nellie wrote in it everyday until her Uncle Messe died. Her Uncle Messe died when he was on a train going to war and when he got off the train a bunch of white men beat him up and tied him to the train tracks to just die the rest of the way. Nellie?s sister Jane lost her voice right when Uncle Messe died because her mom told Jane what really happened to Uncle Messe. On the other hand, Nellie thought that he died from a sickness. It turned out that Nellie?s mom told her wrong. Jane and Nellie decided to write back in forth because Jane lost her voice.

My opinion of this book is that it is very exciting. It is exciting because Jane lost her voice and Nellie did not know what was going on with Uncle Messe. I think that this story is just like regular life because people can get their life taken away and people can lose their voice. I think that Uncle Messe should not have been beaten up when he got off the train and that those people should have been arrested and gone to jail. I would like it if I could go back to 1914 and get those people arrested and put in jail where they are supposed to be.

I recommend this book if you like interesting and exciting books. If you like to have a good time when reading, I would read this book. It makes you feel like you have to keep on reading and reading. The ending is a real good one, but, I will let you find it out by yourself!!