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Define Normal

Written by Julie Anne Peters

Reviewed by Caitlin G. (age 11)

Define Normal is a novel by Julie Anne Peters. Inside this book there is a world of problems and hard lives. Jazz is a 14 year old with strange fashion taste. She also has a rich mother who has no time to pay attention to her. She therefore, hates her mother and will do anything to defy her. Then there is Antonia with a father that left when Antonia was little and a mother that is clinically depressed. Antonia strives to take care of her little brothers Chuckie and Michael. These two meet up one day since Antonia does peer conferencing and they both help each other solve their problems. Antonia gets Jazz to like her mother and continue to play the piano and Jazz helps Antonia cope with their foster parents until Antonia?s mom gets better.

I enjoyed this book because I like reading about everyday- life- kind- of ?books. I liked how they taught each other different things and became friends even though they were totally different. I think the writer of this story is very unique because she writes so well. I can kind of relate to Antonia when it comes to taking care of smaller children even though I?m the youngest because sometimes I have to watch my cousins. I was really surprised that Antonia and Jazz became friends because they were so different. My favorite part was when Antonia?s mom came home because that meant they could leave their foster parents. However, I didn?t like the part when their mom was really sick because I felt bad for Chuckie, Michael, and Antonia.

I strongly recommend this book to everyone who can read because it really is a great book!!