1 The Journal of Joshus Loper

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The Journal of Joshus Loper

Written by Walter Dean Myers

Reviewed by Juan R. (age 11)

The Journal of Joshus Loper

This book is about Joshua Loper journal. He keeps a journal starting from April 30, 1871 to September 1, 1871. Joshua Loper is a black cowboy that is sixteen. Captain Hunter asks him to go with him on a trail. Joshua Loper decides to go with him. Read to find out what happens during this adventure in history.

My favorite part was When Joshua enters Indian territory without permission. This part tells why cowboys and Indians are enemies. This book is a good history book because it talks about history. The big chapter book makes me wonder if the character's name still runs in the family. There is a map on the back of the book that helps me find out how the story taking place.

I recommend this book to people who like history and social studies, the people who like books about good people in the past. The Journal of Joshua Loper is very interesting because it talks about black men.