1 The House of Thirty Cats

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The House of Thirty Cats

Written by Mary Calhoun

Reviewed by Megan P. (age 10)

The House of Thirty Cats

This book has a little girl named Sarah. She learns responsibility. She has a friend and her name is Miss Tabitha. Miss Tabitha owns thirty cats or about thirty cats.

Sarah has always wanted a cat or kitten. Miss Tabitha has a cat named Tarnish, he is not really hers, he just goes to her house to get food and be entertained by all the cats. Tarnish is a troublemaker, he gets in people's garbage cans, he also makes a lot of noise or racket.

Miss Tabitha has a horrible, horrible neighbor named Colonel Mace. He's one of those people who has to have things just perfect.

Miss Tabitha's cats wander onto his lawn. One day Colonel Mace has had enough. He reports Miss Tabitha to the townspeople for letting her cats wander onto his yard. The townspeople decided to tell Miss Tabitha she could only have three cats. The townspeople sent Colonel Mace to Miss Tabitha's house.

Miss Tabitha doesn't worry about giving the cats away. Sarah has the responsibility from then on. Sarah has to make a deal with the townspeople to solve the cat problem.

The book really gives off a lot of feelings. Some of them were feeling like crying, or being curious, like wondering what Miss Tabitha's house looks like.

This book reminds me of me. I want a lot of not only cats, but all animals. I would especially like a horse.

The House of Thirty Cats is my favorite book, probably because the characters in this book, and the mystery. The mystery in this book is how to give all the cats away by a certain time.

I highly recommend this book to people who don't like to be responsible, they'll learn something from it! I think kids in grades 3-6 will enjoy this book.