1 Captain Underpants

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Captain Underpants

Written by Dave Pilkey

Reviewed by Darien J. (age 10)

Captain Underpants

This book is about two kids named George and Harold. They put a spell on their principal,and make him Captain Underpants. Captain Underpants has to stop three aliens from taking over the world. The three aliens plan was to give each kid super nerd orange juice and then they would be their slaves. This story takes place in a school, P.S.8.

I like this book because the illustrations are funny, always showing Captain Underpants in his underpants. Captain Underpants is my favorite character because he is a cool super hero. He saves people and he makes me laugh.

This story reminds me about my cousins. We were playing Tomb Raider on the Play Station and then we started making a movie of it using my cousin?s video camera. My cousin Tia tried to stop me and my cousin Trent. Tia was Tomb Raider and she was trying to stop a robot from taking over the world.

I will recommend this book because the illustrations are funny and Captain Underpants runs in his underpants. People who like funny stories should read this book.