1 Stuart Little

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Stuart Little

Written by E.B. White

Illustrated by Garth Williams

Reviewed by Jonathan G. (age 10)

Stuart Little

This book is about a little intelligent mouse named Stuart Little. He is not the same as the other boys and girls. He is seven inches tall and is a mouse. A bird named Magalo is Stuart's friend. Stuart found Magalo on the street when he was coming from school. She was lost and injured so Stuart took Magalo home so she could get better. Find out what happens at the Littles with Magalo living there. Do they become friends?

My favorite part is when Stuart has the invisible car and he pushed a button in the car to go around in circles until it stopped. It's funny and interesting because the car could make itself invisible and Stuart got dizzy by watching the car. I think that the interesting characters are Stuart, Magalo, and George because they are created by the author.

I recommend this book to you if you like adventures and make believe books.