1 Space Cadets, Loosers in Space

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Space Cadets, Loosers in Space

Written by R.L. Stine

Reviewed by Hector F. (age 10)

Space Cadets, Loosers in Space

The book, Space Cadets "Losers in Space" is about a commander that doesn't want the Space Cadets to come to the spaceship inspection. The latest spaceship is very expensive. If the Space Cadets come they can mess up anything. The commander thinks something can happen if the Space Cadets come. What the commander doesn't know is that the Space Cadets already came. Space Cadets already entered the spaceship and it seems they have pushed some buttons. The spaceship is starting to blast. What is the commander going to do? Read Space Cadets "Losers In Space" to find out what happens.

My favorite part was when the Space Cadets got in the spaceship and pushed some buttons. Space Cadets "Losers in Space" reminds me of Harry Potter and The "Chamber Of Secrets" because Ron and Harry went to Hogwarts in a car but they just blasted off. I liked Space Cadets "Losers In Space" because it is funny.

I recommend this book because it is funny and makes anybody laugh. I would recommend this book to all the boys and girls who like funny stories.