1 The Scary Princess

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The Scary Princess

Written by E.S. Mooney

Illustrated by Mark Moarderosian

Reviewed by Cindy C. (age 10)

The Scary Princess

This book is about a princess that wants to be Bubbles friend who has super powers so she could take over the world. The princess takes Bubbles to a lot of places and buys her a lot of things that she loves. The Princess then takes Bubbles to her house so bubbles could sleep over. If you want to find out if the princess uses Bubbles friendship to take over the world, find this book at your library and read it.

There are a few illustrations that I really enjoyed because they were beautiful and very colorful. The story reminds me about one time that I had a sleep over but my sleep over was different because bubbles slept on the bed and I slept on the floor in my sleeping bag. My favorite character is Bubbles because she's nice and she likes nice stuff. For example, she likes bunny's flowers.

I recommend this book to the girls and boys that like to watch the power puff girls in cartoon network. It's good for the ones that read at level 3. You might enjoy the end when you read it.