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Love That Dog

Written by Sharon Creech

Reviewed by Anna M. (age 10)

Love That Dog

Have you ever had a poet that inspired you so much you write a letter to him asking him to come to your classroom? That?s exactly what Jack did. Guess what happened. The author accepted!!! Jack is so excited when Walter Dean Myers, his all-time favorite author is going to come visit his class!!! Amazing!!!

Jack thinks that only girls write poetry. His thought is: I don?t want to because boys don?t write poetry. Girls do. Attitude towards his journal changes for Jack when a blue car splattered with mud hits his yellow dog, Sky. Sky was chasing the ball that the kids were playing with and the ball went out in the road. Sky was chasing it when one big kid yells "CAR!!!" Sky turned his head but it was too late. Jack loved Sky, but he got over it soon afterward. Because of this accident, Jack writes a four-page journal entry about Sky. He uses one of Walter Dean Myers poems as a model to write this poem, he just changes some of the words from that poem to make his own.

I think this book is a good one. You figure out what goes on in Jack?s life from his journal. Once you start to read it, it?s like you can?t put it down! This isn?t like any other book I?ve ever read before, but it?s a good story. The way Jack writes in his journal seems like he?s really talking to you about things.

I recommend this book to independent readers that like reading about characters that like poetry. Every time you turn the page there?s something new for you to enjoy.