1 On the Field with Terrell Davis

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On the Field with Terrell Davis

Written by Matt Christopher

Reviewed by Brad W. (age 11)

On the Field with Terrell Davis

Do you want to read about a guy that went to 3 Super Bowls? He grew up in San Diego. Terrell Davis got into trouble when he was young. He and one of his friends stole some hubcaps off of a really nice car but they got caught and went to jail for four days. A little while after his dad and one of his friends died. Terrell went to college at Long Beach but they dropped the football program so he went to college at Georgia. When he went to the NFL he was chosen in the sixth round by the Denver Broncos and he was the MVP of Super Bowl 32.

I think the book was very good because I want to grow up and be a NFL player. This book was inspiring to me. You should read it too. This is a part of a series and it is like the other books because they are all biographies.

I think that people that like football would like this book a lot.