1 The Sign Painters Secret

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The Sign Painters Secret

Written by Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler

Illustrated by Donna Ayers

Reviewed by Maky P. (age 7)

The Sign Painters Secret

This book is about a girl named Annie. Annie is a spy in her house when the Red Coats were there to stay, but she doesn\'t know it at first because her mom is a spy and didn\'t tell her. Her mother is sending her to a place where a man paints pictures of things that people want him to paint. The reason why Annie\'s mother sent her there was because her mother was spying on the British men called the Red Coats. The Red Coats and George Washington\'s group (on Annie\'s side) were having a war and the Red Coats were staying with Annie and her family. One night Annie found out that she was a spy, and gets involved in the problem more and more. Sooner or later the Red Coats find out that the sign painter is also a spy. The Red Coats misunderstood and thought the sign painter should be put to death. This makes Annie think about her older brother Rob who went with Washington\'s group and has been gone for quite a while.

I recommend this book because when I read other books they don\'t make me surprised, scared and especially they don\'t make me wonder like books makes me wonder. I recommend this book to people who like adventurous, interesting books and people who like books that surprise them.

I like this book because it\'s historical fiction. That means it\'s fiction but it tells about history. My favorite part is when Annie finds out she is a spy. My favorite character is Annie because she wonders about things and then sooner or later she finds out what she wonders about. Not only was the book good, so were the illustrations. The pictures are black and white, most of the pictures were on sad or scary pages. The black and white pictures also made me feel like I was part of the story. These colors made me feel like I was part of the war. The author makes you write like you are part of the story.