1 For the Love of the Game

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For the Love of the Game

Written by Eloise Greenfield

Illustrated by Jan Spivey Gilchrist

Reviewed by Erick N (age 9)

For the Love of the Game

Have you ever played basketball? This story is about it. It is nice. It is about a boy, girl, and Michael Jordan. It is Michael Jordan telling the boy and the girl to live their dreams and never give up the court.

I like it because a kid turns into Michael Jordan. When Michael Jordan slaps the ball out of there hands it is exciting. I also like it because the boy and the girl have different lives. For example the boy has good dreams but the girl has dreams that she can't do what she wants.The boy could do anything, like play basketball.

I recommend this book to kids wholike basketball or who have a dream. This book can help you have hope to make your dreams real. Read it. You'll like it.