1 Polar Bears Past Bedtime

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Polar Bears Past Bedtime

Written by Mary Pope Osborn

Illustrated by Sal Murdocca

Reviewed by Thomas V (age 11)

Polar Bears Past Bedtime

One day Jack and Annie tried to find a pipe and fell down into a dead end. They saw two bears. Jack and was scared and they tried to climb the sno hill. They started to climb. Read the book to find out what happens next.

The part of the book I like was when Annie and Jack fell down the hill and they saw two bears. I also like the part when the mother bear came. They tried to climb up really fast. They never made it up to the top of the hill. Annie and Jack can talk to animals. Another favorite part is when Annie and Jack and the the bears were on their belly on the ice and got to the tree house and made it back home safe and ate dinner. I liked the pictures of the snow, the tree house, and the igloos. The pictures helped make the story interesting.

People who like to go to different places would like to read this book because Annie and Jack go to different places in the treehouse. People who like snow and ice would also like to read this book. If you like treehouses you might like this book.