1 Prince Cinders

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Prince Cinders

Written by Babette Cole

Reviewed by Cornelius W (age 9)

Prince Cinders

Prince Cinders is a funny book. Prince Cinder has to clean up. One day a fairy godmother dropped down from the chimney and gives Prince Cinder's three wishes. Prince Cinder is turned into a monkey by the fairy godmother. Prince Cinder lost his pants and the Princess went around the whole kingdom and see who can fit in them.

My favorite part is when the fairy godmother comes. I like when the fairy godmother turns him into a monkey. It is like Cinderella because she has a fairy godmother too like Prince Cinder. I liked the fairy godmother. She reminds me of my one cousin because she thinks she can grant wishes.

I think all kids that like fairy tails should read it. All 2nd and 3rd graders should read it too. I think this book is very cool.