1 Here Comes Punkin

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Here Comes Punkin

Written by Guy Gilchrist

Reviewed by Diane R. (age 7)

Here Comes Punkin

This book is about Punkin. She is a baby. She feels happy about being the baby. She has her baby booties and her baby clothes. She cries to get her things. When she's hungry she cries. When she cries she knows what she is doing, she cries on purpose. She has a big cry. Her mom, dad and brother and the mouse come running. When she wants to go somewhere, she cries and the Mommy Express will come and take her to her crib, or to her baby swing, or to the kitchen to get her juice. She has to eat baby food, but she wants peanut and jelly sandwiches and pizza. She doesn't want baby food. Her baby wah let her down. She goes to sleep and she thinks that leaving her money under her pillow the tooth will give her baby teeth. If you want to know what happens, then you should buy the book and you can figure out the ending.

My favorite part is the pictures of Punkin with her baby booties, her baby clothes, and her mommy express. The artist makes good pictures. I liked when she called the tooth fairy so she can get her baby teeth, it was funny. Punkin is just like my baby sister, she cries for juice. I think the whole world should read this book for the pictures and to learn how to read.