1 Taran Wanderer

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Taran Wanderer

Written by Lloyd Alexander

Illustrated by Lloyd Alexander

Reviewed by Susan S. (age 9)

Taran Wanderer

If you like to read thrilling adventure books this is the book for you! Young Taran, the assistant pig keeper is in love with Princess Eilonwy but refuses to ask her hand in marriage till he learns who his parents are. He travels out of Caer Dallben, his homeland, where he has lived as long as he can remember. With his horse Melyngar and Gurgi, his strange hairy friend, Taran faces many perils to learn his true parentage. I loved this book when I read it and if you read it I?m sure you?ll have the same reaction. My favorite part in this book is when Taran finds his old friend Fflewdder Fflam and Fflewdder?s giant cat. All of Lloyd?s characters are courageous and exciting. After the adventure Taran is a lot smarter.

This book is in a series of books and it?s not the first book in the series. If you want to read the first book in the series it?s called ?The Book of Three?(recommended by Dan). I think you should check it out! The book I?m recommending is great! Also read ?The Book of Three? and you?ll love it !!!