1 Let's Go, Froggy!

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Let's Go, Froggy!

Written by Jonathan London

Illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz

Reviewed by Kristen A (age 9)

Let's Go, Froggy!

This book was cool and easy to read. It was about a frog and his dad. They wanted to go on a picnic, but they had to find their bike, helmet, basketball, and the pack of food. Read this book to see if they go on a picnic.

This book was cool and easy for me to read. That's why I read it . This book shows a lot of emotion. My favorite part was when Froggy yelled, "It's on your back!" This is a very funny book. It is full of jokes.

This book would be fun for people who liike frogs. Also, it would be for anyone who likes stories.