1 Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

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Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Written by Tamara Britton

Reviewed by Anita T (age 11)

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

The story about Mary-Kate and Ashley is about two twins that are our two favorite little stars. They are teenagers that look alike but they're not. Mary Kate is a girl who likes to dance and her sister Ashley likes to play soccer. You can also tell them apart by their looks becasue they have different freckles in different spots. Another way you can tell them a part is how they dress. Mary-Kate might wear overalls and Ashley might wear skirts and dresses. You should read about Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen so you can find out what they like to do.

My favorite part was when it started to tell you how you can tell them apart because at first I could not even tell which one is which. I do think the illustrations are good because they can make you feel like you are there. One of the illustrations had them playing soccer with two other girls and they also had them back to back, one with lipstick and one with a baseball bat which is how you can tell them apart. Some of the colors that the illustrator used where blue, white, and purple. The book reminded me one of the things that had happened in my life because me and my friends would go take pictures together and we would play soccer and play with make up. And thats why I liked the book called Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen.

Kids who like to read biographies would like to read this story to find out about the life of Mary-Kate and Ashley. Girls would like to ready this book because it is about the lives of girls.