1 Tigers

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Written by Jan Pfloog

Illustrated by Jan Pfloog

Reviewed by Laura D. (age 7)


This book tells all about Tigers. In this book, you can meet all kinds of tigers of different sizes. Tigers are the largest member of the cat family. A male tiger can weigh up to 420 pounds. Female tigers are smaller. Tigers like to live in forest. Siberian tigers live in the cold forests of Asia. Some tigers live in warm rain forests. Tigers are meat eaters. They can even eat a horse! A tiger moves quietly when it is trying to catch its prey. They also like to eat fish, frogs and monkeys which are found where they live.

I learned new facts about tigers from reading this book. I like the large illustrations that go with the facts. I wanted to learn more about tigers because the name of our sports team is the Loveland Tigers! If you want to learn about all kinds of tigers, what they eat and where they live, you too should read this book!