1 Beauty and the Beast

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Beauty and the Beast

Written by Karen Kreider

Illustrated by DiCicco Digital Arts

Reviewed by Courtnee M. (age 7)

Beauty and the Beast

This is a story of a man with six children. He had three boys and three girls. The main character was one of the daughters. Her mane was Beauty. She was like a princess because she was beautiful and sweet. At one time, the family was rich because the father owned working ships. Once the ships wrecked, the family became poor. They then moved to the country where everyone had to work hard. Everyone was else was mad and mean and didn't want to help work the family farm. One day, one of the lost ships showed up and the father set out on it for work. All of the other children begged for many things, but not Beauty. Her only wish was to see that her father came back home safely soon and also to bring her a rose. Once on his journey, the ship did not have his money, and he had to go to court to try to get it back. As night came nearer, it bacme dark, snowy and cold and the father had lost his way. After a while, he found a castle that had beautiful roses around it. Not knowing anyone was there, he decided to pick a rose for the trip back home. When he did, a beast came out of nowhere and told him that he was wrong to take the rose. The beast was going to kill the father but decided to have one of the daughters for keeps instead. Beauty wanted to be the one to go to the castle. Once she got there, the Beast was very kind to her, letting her stay in the castle, eat well and enjoy her visit by not making her work. When Beauty's father got sick, she knew about this because she saw him in the golden mirror. The Beast let her go visit her father, as long as she promised to return. When she came back, the Beast turned into a prince. This had happened because Beauty was filled with love and kindness. She was not selfish like her sisters.

I kept wanting to read the book to see what would happen to Beauty and also the Beast. I love princesses and fairy tales! The book had beautiful pictures which looked like paintings!

I would want you to read this book to see pictures that look like they are real pictures hand painted from a museum.