1 Midnight on the Moon

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Midnight on the Moon

Written by Mary Pope Osborne

Illustrated by Sal Murdocca

Reviewed by Paul C. (age 7)

Midnight on the Moon

This book is part of a series about a brother and a sister who have a magic tree house. They go in their tree house and take it to different places. In this book they travel to the moon. That is where the adventure begins.

I liked this book because it has a lot of adventure in it. My favorite part of the book was when the children freed Morgan LeFay from her spell as the dog. This was very exciting. The boy, Jack, reminded me of my best buddy, Kristyan. The character is very smart and fun to be with, just like my friend is. If Jack was real, I would want him to be my friend. We would go on lots of adventures together.

I recommend others to read this book if you like adventure and mystery. When the children travel to the moon and meet the man on the moon, it was very interesting. I know my friends would like it because it was a little scary. I wish we had a magic tree house so we could have some cool adventures like the children in this book.