1 Cook-A-Doodle-Doo

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Written by Janet Stevens

Reviewed by Julia K. (age 11)


This story is about Rooster who is sick and tired of the same food. So, he decides to make his Great Granny's (the Little Red Hen's) Magnificent Strawberry Shortcake. The dog, the cat, and the goose did not want to help the Rooster. Rooster asks his friends Turtle, Iguana, and Pig if they can cook. Turtle says, "I can read recipes!" Iguana said, "I can get stuff!" and Pig says, "I'm an expert at tasting." So Rooster declared, "Then we're a team." So they started baking the strawberry shortcake. Turtle starts reading the ingredients, Turtle says we need flour and Iguana goes outside to pick a flower. When he comes back Rooster says, "No, no, no, not that kind of flower, we need cooking flour." Pig wants to taste the flour, but Turtle says, "Not yet, Pig." Something different happens on every page. But, that is all I can tell you. To find out what happens next in the book, you will have to read it.

I liked the book because the animals talk and are realistic. It is funny and fun to read. I like Turtle because he is always reading the ingredients to Rooster. I think Iguana is funny, but I think Pig is okay. I do not like pig because he is always trying to eat the cake. But, most of all I like Rooster because he is trying to work with everybody. I think the illustrations are excellent because the animals look real. My family likes to cook with me a lot. Iguana is just like my little sister, always wanting to help.

I recommend this book for kids who like to cook. Kids of every age will like this story.