1 The Hat

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The Hat

Written by Jan Brett

Illustrated by Jan Brett

Reviewed by Alexandra L. (age 6) & Lucas L. (age 6)

The Hat

This story takes place in the country in the winter. It is a story about a little girl named Lisa who was getting ready for winter. She hung her clothes on the clothes line and they blew off, one by one. First the stocking blew off and Hedgie the hedgehog got it stuck on his head. The animals started to make fun of him so he told them that it was a hat and it would keep him warm in the winter. Other animals found the clothes that blew off the line and wore them because they thought that Hedgie had a good idea. Lisa found Hedgie with her sock stuck on his head and started to chase after Hedgie so she could get her sock back. At the end she saw that the animals were wearing her clothes as hats. They thought they were wearing a hat like Hedgie!

I (L.L.) thought that this book was funny. I (A.L.) liked the borders because they were interesting to look at and they gave me (L.L.) more clues to look at as you go on. My favorite part was when the dogs were laughing at Hedgie, but they ended copying him! My favorite character was Hedgie because he was cute.

We would recommend this to everybody. Little preschoolers would like the story and the pictures of the animals. Grownups would like the words and Jan Brett's illustrations because the borders give you hints and that makes them interesting to look at.