1 The Gingerbread Man

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The Gingerbread Man

Written by Jim Aylesworth

Illustrated by Barbara McClintock

Reviewed by Neida V. (age 11)

The Gingerbread Man

Have you ever heard of a moving gingerbread cookie? If you haven't heard about it read this book. Matti and his mom decorates a gingerbread baby then, the mom puts the gingerbread baby inside the oven then the mom opens the oven door and dad opens the house door then gingerbread baby runs out the door. Then the mom and dad start running behind the gingerbread baby but the gingerbread baby was to fast. Then when people saw the parents run behind the ginger bread baby. The people tried to catch the ginger bread baby but he was just to fast. Then Matti was doing something to catch the ginger bread baby. I won't tell how Matti catches the ginger bread baby if you want to know how Matti catches the ginger bread baby read this book.

You should read this book because it is funny because I like when the gingerbread baby runs all around the neighborhood. This book reminded me of when my brother started running around the house every day.