1 Superfudge

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Written by Judy Blume

Reviewed by Nathalie O. (age 9)

Do you have a crazy little brother? Well in this story Superfudge - Peter Hatcher has one - Farley Drextoll Hatcher, other wise known as Fudge. He is a four-year-old pain. The Hatchers are moving away for a YEAR!!!. That's bad right? Not for Sheila she is celebrating but everybody else was sad . Jimmy Fargo was so sad (and angry) he said he would tell Sheila that she could have Peter's rock, Peter was so mad that he ignored Jimmy until he apologized.

The author of this great book is Judy Blume. She has written very good books like Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and Otherwise Known As Sheila the Great. My favorite part of Superfudge is when Mrs.Hatcher has a baby and they call her Tootsie. This book reminded me of my little sister Aileen because she is always running around screaming and pulling people's hair.

I recommend this book to people who like worms and have crazy little brothers and sisters. The reason that I recommend this book to people that like worms is because there are a lot of parts involving a lot of worms in buckets.