1 The Revenge of the Snob Squad

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The Revenge of the Snob Squad

Written by Julie Anne Peters

Reviewed by Kyra Y. (age 9)

The Revenge of the Snob Squad

Do yoy like to read books about real kids? Then this book is for you. For example I'm reading a book about four yong girls in a snob squad. They always stick together. Their names are Jenny, Lydia, Max, and Prairie. Their worst enemy is Ashly Krupps. Lydia hates her the most. Everyday they plan something to do to her. Lydia even said they should fire bomb her house. I think you will find this book very interesting. I know it is.

I think the book was very good because the girls were always best friends. The book reminded me of Eva. She was my best friend last yaer. I like how they stuck together because I always stayed with my friends. My favorite part of the book was when Jenny got in the hospital. She was in the hospital because she got ran over by a bus. This book is kind of like the book Trapped In A Cave. I loved reading this book!

I recommend this book to my best friend Eva because she, me, and Kayla always were best friends even when we got in fights. Another reason is because there are unique characters in this book. This book is like the series of Pony Pals because they both had the same kind of team work. I recommend this book to people in fourth grade and up. Enjoy!