1 Chewy Louie

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Chewy Louie

Written by Howie Schneider

Reviewed by Trevor S. (age 5)

Chewy Louie

This story is about a dog who chewed everything. I learned that I don't want a dog like Chewy Louie. I liked this story because it is a good and funny story. My favorite part was when Chewy chewed up the doctor's office. It was funny when he took a bite of the car. My favorite characters were Chewy Louie and the little boy.

I thought that the illustrations were fun. My favorite was the one of the kitchen because it was a big mess. This story made me think of silly things, like, can a puppy really bite a car?

This story made me feel happy because my mom read it to me. It reminds me of my dog Blackie, because she is black too. I would recommend this story because it is a good book.