1 Horrible Harry and the Purple People

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Horrible Harry and the Purple People

Written by Suzy Kline

Illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz

Reviewed by Deon C. (age 7) & Alex L. (age 8)

Horrible Harry and the Purple People

Harry has a ruler with purple people on it. We don?t think he can see them, but he believes in them. His friends all believe in the purple people except for Mary. They say that the little purple people are brave and invisible. Mary teases Harry by making purple monsters out of purple clay, purple yarn and purple construction paper.

We liked the book because it was funny. One funny part was when Harry poured grape juice on Doug. We laughed at the tongue-twister. It said ?Hooey, balderdash, humbug, poppycock and hokum.? We laughed at Harry?s Purple People chant. He said, ?Purple people, Purple people, shoo the big bee A-WAY!? When Harry and Mary had a fight, it reminded Deon of the time he got in a fight with his friend Tanner. Alex liked the purple monsters that Mary made because they had humorous parts. One had a kite tail, one was laying down against the desk, and one didn't have any feet. This is the first Horrible Harry book that Alex has read, and Deon has read only one other one. Now we both want to read more Horrible Harry books.

If you like grape juice, or if you like the color purple, you should read this book. If you like funny books, this is a good book for you.