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City Signs

Written by Zoran Milch

Illustrated by Zoran Milch

Reviewed by Manny M. (age 7) & Armond M. (age 7)

City Signs

This book is about signs. It is full of pictures of bus stops, construction signs, litter signs and other signs. There are photographs of train signs too and of taxis all around the city.

We both think that the book is interesting. We liked it because it?s in New York City. We like the part of the story with the big city buses, police cars and fire trucks. The illustrations are neat and colorful.

If you don?t live in New York, you will not see that many signs. In the country, like in Kansas, you might want to read this book. People in Los Angeles might like it too. This book is for all ages. You might want to read it because you can see a little bit of the city.