1 If You Take a Mouse To School

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If You Take a Mouse To School

Written by Laura Numeroff

Illustrated by Felicia Bond

Reviewed by Andrea G. (age 6) & Tyler C. (age 7)

If You Take a Mouse To School

This is a story about a boy bringing a mouse to school. The mouse keep asking him if he can do differnt stuff like getting a lunch box, going into his book bag, trying a scientific experiment, writing with chalk, helping in the classroom and eating. The mouse had fun and wanted to go back to school again.

I (T.C.) like this story because he was riding on a skateboard and I like skateboards. It was a funny story. I (A.G.) liked this story because the mouse kept asking for something and that made the story funny.

I (T.C.) think that other people would like to read this story because it is funny. I would recommend this book to even older kids because I think they would like the skateboard and scientist parts. I (A. G.) would recommend this story to students who like mice like I do.