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Something Beautiful

Written by Sharon Dennis Wyeth

Reviewed by Shanell L. (age 10)

Something Beautiful is a book about a little girl who wanted something beautiful. Her teacher wrote on a chalkboard the word beautiful. The girl said, ?I think beautiful means that when you have it your heart is happy.? I am wondering why the girl has no name. One more thing I noticed about the story is she has bad grammar. She wants to find something beautiful. In the end she finds out she has something beautiful, She has her mother.

The illustrations were great. I think the pictures are made out of paint and markers. The lesson to be learned is you always have something beautiful in life. Something unique about the book is the girl, because she finds out that she already has something beautiful in her life already. I think the book was great because the girl finds she had something beautiful. My favorite part of book was when she was in school and the girl wrote in her notebook the word beautiful. This book is like another book I have read. It is called Tree Of Hope. While I read the book I felt sad because the lady in the book had no home and the other people in the book had no home.

I recommend this book because the girl made me feel everyone has something beautiful. I think the age group 10-13 would want to read this book. I think they would want to read this book because if they want to know the meaning of beautiful read the book. It tells you that you should always have something beautiful in your life.

Remember this you always have something beautiful in life!!!